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A passion for helping Seniors, and those who care for them, was born out of love and the experience of our President and Founder Malea Madrid. Thru first-hand experience Malea witnessed the hardship her grandparents faced as they aged and the difficulty in handling everything including billing disputes and tax issues.

True to her character when asked if she could help her immediate response was that they could “Consider it done”.

Malea’s love and deep relationship with her grandparents moved her to do whatever she could to help make their lives easier. This included addressing financial concerns surrounding accuracy of bills they received, completing their taxes, ensuring accounts were correctly balanced, and completing necessary paperwork to ensure that reimbursement from insurance companies and others was done. In addition, by carefully reading and researching documents and making needed phone calls, she identified issues to be addressed and even a scam directed towards Seniors. Medical visits and the subsequent financial statements and reports were also something that Malea addressed. She even served as an advocate for her Grandmother while she was in the hospital by reviewing medical records and sending appropriate documentation that led to her grandmother receiving needed care. Her grandparents and her family appreciated this thoughtful and thorough approach.

Following her personal experience, and in speaking with other Seniors, she saw the the needs of her grandparents were not unique. Consider it Done was born. Using her experience in accounting, financial services, and the tax business she understood the need and importance for accurate information and reporting. This can only be done when accurate information and statements are provided. Often clients did not have that information readily available. In order to save her clients time and stress, Malea offered to come to their homes and help them. She organized their documents and their home office and completed necessary paperwork to complete their taxes.

Shortly thereafter, seniors asked her to assist with other administrative needs such as advocating for them on other issues that were causing them concern: insurance paperwork, social security, veteran and other benefits; negotiating purchases (such as a car); dealing with medical issues; well as returning nagging phone calls.

The passion, love, and need Malea had to create Consider it Done is a core competency required of all her employees and advisors. We are here to serve you and your family.